Tips and Tricks For An Email Newsletter

denver-email-marketing-serviceWhile they seem to be less common in the technology world today, email newsletters are still a very large part of the information tree. When you decide to use an email newsletter, it is important that you understand what you’re going to write about and how to effectively market and reach to your audience. Here are a few tips on how to write an effective newsletter:


A. Establish your objective(s) in the beginning.
Well performing newsletters have a very singular objective and maintains that focus throughout the entire content. If this is a customer retaining email, than the content needs to focus on adding valuable information for the email’s recipients. If your newsletter is intended to cross-sell, it should be informative and provide valuable content that informs and educates the readers on why they should get the certain product and why they will need it from your organizational skills.

B. Your subject line matters.
If you create the best content ever, there’s a huge change it will never be seen unless your subject line gives your recipient a good reason to even open it. People need to know that your email is even worth their time.

C. Give your reader value, not what you pertain as valuable.
Your reader never wants their time to be wasted. Tell them how they are able to save time, save money, stay fit, etc. Give them information that is valuable to them and maybe not necessarily you.

D. Keep your email short and skimable.
When you use your email body, make sure to highlight key points and deliver your main points in the newsletter. Make sure not to overwhelm your readers with too much content in the actual email. As to the newsletter, it is often recommended to stick with 3-5 articles. The landing page should make it easy for your reader to find the content they’re looking for.

E. Keep it fresh.
Readers will want you to keep both the concept and look new and different. Don’t stick to a certain subject line, email template, or design for extended periods of time. Make sure you use new concepts.

F. Create your newsletter mobile and preview friendly.
When creating your newsletter, try to minimize the amount of images. Plan for your important content to be above the fold in the first 300px or so above the preview pane. Your newsletter should be simple enough for mobile devices.

G. Have a plan.
No matter what, make sure to have a plan whether it be a test plan, editorial content plan, Facebook/Twitter plan, etc. The most successful newsletters are proactive in design and development. While they may leave out some areas for large stories or content, the majority of the content and testing, the integration with any social networks have an established flow and pattern to it.

H. Promotion.
Make it a point to ask your readers to share your newsletter, you can be amazed at the success of word of mouth whether it be socially or personally.


If you or someone you know is looking to move forward with a newsletter or maybe needs a little help refining it, contact us today at DBC Digital, your #1 source for email marketing service!


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