5 SEO Copywriting Tips

SEOCopywritingTipsThe most important way to improve your websites performance through the search engines is to make sure you are producing great content on your website that search engines, like Google, will respond well to. Your content has a huge impact on where your site is ranked on the search engines. Copy write for SEO is very challenging, even if you are the best writer, so I have listed 7 great tips for making your website more appealing to Google.

1. Write Well
Some people believe that it is only important to make sure you are writing content that is based on Google’s algorithm, but it is also extremely important to make sure you are writing for humans as well. This means that your site must have quality content that will be interesting for your readers, while still optimizing your website to rank for your keywords in the search engine results.

One specific example is that Google can tell when you are just stuffing the same keyword into every sentence. Google likes variety, that means using synonyms for that keyword. People will find it more interesting and you will not get flagged for having duplicate content.

2. Use h1 tag
Using h1 tags for your title will make Google take the title seriously. This allows you to achieve a large focus on your chosen keywords, provided you optimize the title for what you are targeting. Following this tip, will always allow you to improve your search engine results very quickly.You should also use h2 tags for subheadings, and h3 tags for sub-subheadings. Google will respect you for making your article easy to follow.

3. Keyword density is important
As I said before, make sure you are not stuffing your content with keywords. Place your keywords, strategically, at the beginning and somewhere at the end of your content. The rest of the copy should be focused on writing good content that serves a purpose and is not spammy. If you produce spammy content, the search engines will be able to tell.

4. Use Meta Tags
Use your title’s keywords in the TITLE and DESCRIPTION. Google will love these tags because it gives them set information about the page. Make sure you are not making these identical to any other tags because Google will consider this spam.

5. Don’t Ramble
Try to avoid rambling and try to wrap up your content about 500-750 words. A lot can be said in 500 words, so make sure you are staying focused and relative to your specific keywords. Running off on tangents that have nothing to do with the subject matter will pollute your copy and confuse Google about what you are trying to rank for.

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