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Twitter Etiquette: How to Retain Twitter Followers

retain twitter followers
Twitter can be a tremendous resource for reaching a vast audience of like-minded people. There is so much to be gained from a loyal Twitter following from a business perspective including getting the word out about an event or promotion, brand endorsement, collaboration opportunities, etc. Once you have established this Twitter following by sharing great content and truly adding value to the lives of all of your followers, it’s important to ensure that you are not doing things that could jeopardize your standing with your followers. After all, each person that follows you on Twitter is an asset well worth retaining. Here are some simple pieces of Twitter etiquette to ensure that you retain those hard-earned follows.

Avoid Alienation

If you have a large Twitter following, the odds are, you have people from all walks of life. While a blonde joke may seem harmless, you may actually be offending a large portion of your follower-ship  and risk losing them because of it. If it could offend or alienate someone, Twitter probably isn’t the place for it.

Take Long Conversations Elsewhere

It’s one thing to tweet at someone and have them respond. But when your mention turns into a full blown conversation, you may be cluttering up your follower’s stream with mess that adds little value to their lives. In these instances, try moving the conversation to Google+ or even just direct messages.

Bonus tip: You followers can only see your conversations with others in their feed if they follow both you and the person you are conversing with. This is good to keep in mind.

Don’t Be Selfish

Twitter is great for promoting your own interests and content, but this can be overdone. Don’t forget to share content from others and give them credit in the form of mentions. Your followers will appreciate your willingness to reciprocate their generosity.

Have any tips to add? Please leave them in the comments below!

Written by Matt Green, from the marketing team at DBC Digital.

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